Whenever asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always an Interior Designer. I was that little girl who rearranged her bedroom, cut up her grandmothers Better Homes & Gardens magazines to create mood boards, and I even asked for a gallon of paint as a birthday gift once. I didn't grow up in a beautiful home, in fact it was much the opposite. Then after college I lived in a shoe box sized apartment I never wanted to be in. Later on I spent a year living nomadically in different countries around the world soaking up every bit of culture & local tradition possible.
A sense of home was something I never really had despite designing them for others until I purchased my own home and redefined what that meant to me. Now when I enter my light filled space I feel peace, transformation, and safety. I dim the lights & put on soothing music, host a laughter filled dinner party, or take in the sunset from my roof deck and it feels exactly like the home I envisioned for myself.


On Delancey Place is focused on accessible, organic modern living. We are known for our thoughtful blend of high and low, contemporary and vintage, Craigslist and custom, for an aesthetic that feels definitively luxe yet super livable. Today I realize that I have a gift and I can bottle up and serve that exact feeling of an escape for my clients at the end of the day of a long day. My success isn't measured in dollars and cents, It's measured by the transformation that you’ll experience while we work on your home together. I'd be truly honored if you would to allow me to work my magic on your space, On Delancey Place.