Australian Angus & Celeste founders Keir Angus Mac Donald and Asha Celeste Cato visualized a brand that reveled in all the color and wonder of the natural world. With a love of eclectic objects, they set out to create their own style of fascinating and highly crafted ceramics.

"Through the addition of inspiring and crafted objects, we can enhance the personality and livability of our home and work environments."

Angus & Celeste has grown to be a brand synonymous with quality and individuality, and strive to make objects that are both functional and useful in daily life. Working from the values of originality, sustainability and appreciation, the company is dedicated to creating ‘Modern Collectables’ that are timeless in their aesthetic and made to last.

"Our style is driven by a love of bright, nature inspired imagery contrasted by the use of rich earthy tones on both intricate and simplistic forms. Even in our most minimal designs, mother-nature still meets us at the design table."