Design Consulting



The interior design consulting package is perfect for clients who:

  1.  Have some direction but just need a little help dialing in their choices - I'll help save you from the pinterest board overwhelm. 
  2.  Don’t really want the expense (or need) the whole enchilada and expertise of full service design.
  3.  Have smaller projects in various rooms that mostly consist of furniture selections or paint colors or specific questions like “what size sofa do I need?"
  4. Are working with a lot of existing furniture and are looking for a few specific new items to incorporate. 
  5. Likes to DIY and purchase items on their own. 


10 hours of dedicated time with Alison at ODP at will. This can include emails, phone calls, video meetings, shopping or site visits. Pretty much a designer on call to brainstorm your project, help you with selections, and send you specific options. Whatever you and your project needs that can be accomplished within the allotted time. Additional 10 hour blocks of time may be purchased if needed. 

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