Holistic Interior Design


What is Holistic Interior Design?

Holistic Interior Design is a comprehensive approach that takes your home from concept design straight through completion, so you walk in relax, and enjoy your new sanctuary. It’s a personal process where I take the time to really get to know you, your family, how you live, what you love and don’t - I listen between the lines and tune into what you’re really saying. Designing with equal parts function, aesthetics, and well being we start with your needs and desires, then sprinkle on my expertise and execution which results in a space so totally customized for you.

When you work with me you not only get a designer but a mediator, therapist, and friend too. I’m empathetic to everything you say and recognize that this is a huge investment, my goal is for you to never be stressed by this process - I’d much rather make it fun & enjoyable. I recognize your life is busy and you’ve been searching for more time, clarity, and calm and it’s my commitment to you to create a sanctuary where you feel like you can not only breathe again, but fully escape & recharge. I use my ability to tune into your needs to create a space that will change the way you live and love your home. I welcome every bit of your feedback and the more you say, the more I know which will unlock your desires and allow me to work my magic on your home and achieve the balance you seek.

Holistic design is so much more than filling a space with functional furniture, it’s unlocking what you soul needs - a soothing wind down bath, waking up to invigorating natural light, a spot to cuddle up under warm handwoven blankets. In a time when we value experiences over things one might think a home and what fills it isn't as important as that epic vacation or once in a lifetime festival, but really your home experience is the one that impacts you daily on every level.

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