Set of 3 Natural Clay Funnel Pots on Wire Console

$194 $213

Did you hear us gasp when we saw this large terra-cotta funnel pot console? You're one of the few that didn't hear us. I mean...GAH! LOOK AT IT! It is stunning, simple, practical, and architecturally interesting without trying too hard.

I love how it hugs a wall so it will work in small spaces (like this tiny sliver of my kitchen). It has the perfect drain dishes to catch any drainage while also allowing air to reach the roots. It's another winner and we can't wait to see how YOU style it. This plant stand is going to be a stunner in your home. 


  • Dimensions: 25"L  X 10"D X 30"H
  • Individual pots are approx 7" high overall (including the funnel) and 7" diameter at the top. 
  • The opening of the pot is approximately 6" but the openings vary slightly due to the fact they're handmade. 
  • Interior depth of pot is approximately 5.5" deep. 


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