years i've been a designer

I'm the kinda girl who'll show up to a business meeting in jeans. While I'm serious about my work, I don't take myself too seriously. I guarantee we'll have fun working on your project.


projects I've completed




I may have a baby face (thank you Japanese genes), but I've been in this biz over a decade. I spent most of my career in a prestigious Philadelphia luxury design firm, I have tales of over the top projects with infinite budgets, but never really felt "at home".

average cups of coffee per day



I'm obsessed with Bali, Indonesia

In 2016 I spent a year traveling around the world, and Bali captivated me. The culture, the vibrant landscape, the colorful food, the beach, the jungle - it's my favorite place on earth.


I'm a food interpreter

Classic Lasagna, Exotic Moroccan Tajine, or Sophisticated Salad Ni├žoise?
I can tell a lot about someones design style by what the order. I'm like Long Island Medium meets Chrissy Teigan.


I have over 50 houseplants

On one hand I'm minimal-ish... on the other I live in an urban jungle. My favorite ones have variegated leaves with cream and pink. 

fun facts

| Cold weather and snow, bring on the heat any day
| Paris, I know I'm in the minority here
| Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
| Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win
| Watching TV, I'd rather be doing something productive


| Travel, I don't mind the long flight if it takes me there
| Dresses that are flowy & floral, a little modern, a little boho
| Moscow Mules or Mojitos after a long day
| Improv comedy, performing it, watching it, perfecting it
| Watering my many plants at home & acoustic covers playlist